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The Palmisano Family

Keeping the Italian Tradition and Famliy Business Alive through The San Gennaro Feast.

Anthony Palmisano has always been a fair man. A street-fair man that is.

Molded by his uncle, Vincent, Palmisano began his career in the Italian festival business with a Italian food and game stands starting in Miami 1972.

"I was the only 11 year old running my own show," said Palmisano, who has been in the industry for more than 31 years now. "My uncle always worked at teaching me to do different things as well." Things like: Lemonade and Icee stands, Sausage and Pepper stands and Philly Cheese Steak stands. He also became involved in learning the day-to-day operation and business oriented aspects of the industry.

Palmisano, as a young boy, found himself surrounded by some of the industry's top promoters and older advisors his uncle came in contact with. "I worked alongside the old-timers who are considered pioneers in this industry," Palmisano said.

And after 24 years of experience in Southern Nevada, Palmisano may be considered a pioneer long before his time in the industry is expired.

After nine straight years of commuting to Las Vegas for the San Gennaro Feast, Palmisano relocated with his young family, from his hometown of Providence, R.I., in 1989. Several years later he incorporated Royal Festivals, INC. 

Keeping the San Gennaro theme, Palmisano reached out to the same food vendors from the San Gennaro feast, while adding a full fledged carnival. And just like that, the Spring Valley, Las Vegas Street Fair, Summerlynn Street Fair, and Sunset Street Fair was born.

During the past eight years, Palmisano has hosted as many as three festivals in Southern Nevada over a 12 month period, plus his Peoria Street Fair in Peoria, Arizona.

"This is my life, this is what I was taught and this is what I will always thrive in," Palmisano said.